Thursday, December 6, 2007


I hope you are all going to be cheering the Steelers on this Sunday!! Things will be a little tense in our house...they better beat the Patriots this time!!!!


Here are the "twins"... as they are commonly mistaken for. Katelyn is 4 and Brenden is 5. They are pretty much inseperable. They are the best of friends...too cute! They are two of the funniest kids. They definitely keep us laughing around here!!

Here is little Tayler. This is a picture I took from my phone. I will post more when I load the pictures from my camera. This picture makes me want to squeeze those little cheeks!!
Well, I will get more pictures on here soon. Love you all!!

Katelyn's Merry Christmas Song

Okay here is a funny story about Katelyn...last weekend, the kids and I went and got all of the Christmas decorations out so we could decorate. We moved the furniture and put out all of the decorations around the house. Then it was time for...THE TREE!! Well, Rich had to work really late that weekend because of month-end and he wasn't feeling well so we had let him sleep in while we did all of the little stuff. When it was time for the tree I told the kids we were going to go "caroling" and wake up Daddy. I told them we were going to sing We Wish You A Merry Christmas and that I had made up a special verse for Daddy. It went like this: Now come down and help us decorate, Now come down and help us decorate, Now come down and help us decorate and we'll get it done soon (or something like that) haha. So we all went upstairs and sang to Rich to get him out of bed. Anyway...the funny part of this story is that Katelyn actually thinks that "verse" is part of the song. So now she walks around singing We Wish You A Merry Christmas with the "special" 2nd verse. I tried explaining to her that we just made that up for Daddy, but she thinks otherwise. So now there is a new verse to that song in our family!!