Saturday, April 26, 2008

Zoo Day 4.5.08

We went to the zoo, during spring break, on Saturday with Dad too. It was a beautiful day. The highlight of the day was petting the sharks I think. The kids loved that, especially Katelyn. Brittaney loves the dolphins, Christopher loves the penguins, Kehli loves the monkeys, Brenden loves the elephants, and Katelyn loves the sharks. One sad thing...a few days after we went to the zoo, our beloved polar bear died! He was so playful...there were big stairs right in front of the glass and my kids would sit there all day and watch him, if I would let them. He would come right up to the glass and then push off and come back and just play around. He was very entertaining. He has been there since we moved here (14 years ago). Anyway, we will miss him during our future visits to the zoo. I'm glad the kids got to see him one last time! Anyway, we had a FABULOUS day at the zoo!!

Children's Museum 4.4.08

Over spring break we decided to go to the children's museum. The kids love going there and we hadn't been in awhile. I wasn't sure at first how I felt about taking 6 kids by myself on Friday during spring break (crowded is an understatement), but I did it and we survived. In fact, we did more than survive...we had a blast and the kids were AWESOME!! Here are a few pictures from our day... First, we went to the Curious George (or as my little ones call him...Monkey George) exhibit. Christopher seems thrilled to have his picture taken with Curious George! Don't let his face fool you, he had a fabulous time too!!We also went to the Dinosaur exhibits too. The kids got to draw dinosaurs. There was this incredible three story dinosaur exhibit that you would just have to see to believe... We saw the racecar (of course, we do live in Indianapolis) and the kids got to sit in it. Then we all went and rode on the carousel. We had a great time together!!