Wednesday, August 12, 2009

His journey has come to an end...

August 12 was Rich's last night of school! I can't believe it is finally over! It all started 4 years ago in June 2005 when Rich decided to go back to school. We knew it would add another level of "craziness" to our lives, but we also knew how important this was for him to do this! I know there are a lot of adult men who go back to school, but I don't know how many of them have a wife and 6 kids at home too!! AND...with working full time and a crazy family he will be graduating Magna Cum Laude!! Way to go Rich!!

Rich, Tayler and I at Tim's house!

We wanted to do something for Rich, so we went to the school around 8:30 and we decorated daddy's car! We filled (and I mean FILLED) the inside of his car with black and yellow (Steeler colors, of course) balloons. We hung a congratulations banner on the back of his car. Brittaney and Katelyn wrote Congrats Dad on his back window with yellow window chalk and c/o '09 on a side window and we love you on the other side window. We had a congrats helium balloon to hang on his antennae, but that balloon went to heaven...haha (Katelyn felt so bad)!

This is one of Rich's best friends, Tim.
They met the first night in school and have been friends ever since.
They went through the whole 4 years together!

Rich, I want you to know how incredibly amazed I am by you! You worked a full time job, went to school full time, served in your callings at church (exec. secretary, and 1st counselor in the EQ), you are a fabulous daddy to 6 awesome kids, and you are a wonderful husband to me...and you did ALL of this at the SAME time!! AMAZING!! You made this commitment and you have now accomplished this goal! What a wonderful example you are for our children! I know that the last four years have not been easy...the homework, the studying, giving speeches (I know you hate that), the late nights, the added stress, but know DID it and we are sooooo proud of you!! I am so happy for you that this part of your life can now be checked off your/our to-do list! ( haha) Way to go Babe!! You are simply awe-inspiring!!

We love you!!