Monday, December 22, 2008

Love, Rich and Cheri

Love, Brittaney, Christopher, Kehli, Brenden, Katelyn, and Tayler

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I love this movie...and song!!

Rich had school last night, so after homework and dinner, the kids and I sat down and watched our favorite Christmas movie together. We popped our popcorn, made our hot chocolate, grabbed our blankets and were ready to go. I love this movie because it reminds me of the true spirit and meaning of Christmas! Leave it to a child to be our example! The service rendered, the love shared, the selflessness, the spirit of giving, and the lessons learned in this movie make it a must-see for the holidays!
Of course, tissues are required so have some handy! :)
May we all keep the true spirit of Christmas in our hearts this season...and always!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

We caught the SICKIES...

Today at church, Tayler started feeling warm and by the end of sacrament meeting she was burning up and her cheeks were very rosy. Rich took her home after sacrament meeting. Then during primary, two women came and got me and told me Kehli was in the bathroom crying and complaining that her side hurt. So, I went to check on her and a wonderful man in our ward (who is a doctor) came and checked her out for me...thanks Grant!! I took her back to the primary room with me and had her lay down in the back of the room. I am primary chorister so I wanted to try and stick it out and see if whe would feel better. However, about 5 minutes before church ended she ran to the bathroom and threw up...YUCK!! Poor thing!!
I gathered everyone quickly after church and hurried home...I did NOT want to clean up vomit out of the van. As soon as we got home, she got a little drink of water and within 1 minute she was throwing up again.....YUCK,YUCK,YUCK!! Poor little thing! Now (tonight) Brenden is complaining that his tummy hurts...OH NO!
Here is my positive take on this least it is not next week and hopefully this will all be over before Christmas!! Let's all keep our fingers crossed. I'm such an optimist...haha!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Yesterday's Cute Happenings...

Cute Story...yesterday, I said something to one of the kids about putting their nose in the corner and little Tayler ran straight over to the corner and stuck her nose in it. (if only all kids were this obedient...though I wasn't even talking to her)!! She has never been told to put her nose in the corner. I guess she has seen her big brothers and sisters do it enough...haha!
These are my sister, Elizabeth's, two older kids. Austin is 5 and Brooklyn is 3. They just got in from China (that's where they live) the night before. They did so well playing all morning and then we put on a movie and they CRASHED!! Soooooo cute!!
This is sweet, little Payton. She is such a cutie and loves to smile! This was our first "official" introduction!! I'm so glad my sister and the kids are here to visit! My brother George and his youngest little boy, Owen, came over to visit in the afternoon too! Owen is a cutie too! I'm horrible and didn't get a picture of him. I will just have to fix that today! :) We had a fun day together!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Chocolate cake makes her smile...

I gave Tayler some chocolate cake and then she was just smiling and being silly so I thought I should capture some photos. Try to ignore her "orphaned" look...I took out her pigtails and her hair was crazy! She was being so silly! This little girl does not have a little smile...and she puts a BIG smile on my face!!

She knows you need milk with chocolate cake. However, I didn't pour the milk over her cake like her daddy likes it! She had to settle for milk in a cup!

She was laughing hysterically in this picture, although I think it kind of looks like she is screaming passionately at me! :)

She literally says cheese when you tell her to. She does so well at smiling on command. :) The kids got a kick out of watching her and telling her to do silly things! Thanks for being our entertainment for the evening Tayler! You make life sooo much fun around here! Thanks for reminding us that sometimes it is good to just let loose and be silly! We love you!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Did someone say 48 cakes?

Here are the mini cakes I made for our Christmas enrichment tonight. This is what happens when you miss the second planning meeting...they put you in charge of the dessert! :) I made chocolate mini fluted cakes and then I drizzled double chocolate on one and white chocolate on the other. On the double chocolate, I sprinkled powdered sugar and then added Andes mints and crushed up candy canes. On the white chocolate, I also sprinkled a little Hershey's cocoa. Thanks to my wonderful friends (Dale, LaDeane, Lynne and Becky) who came over and helped!! They made it soooo much more fun!! The other idea I had was to drizzle on the chocolate and then add fresh raspberries with 2 mint leaves as garnish! I'll have to do those for my family...they will be excited!! I hope everyone enjoys them!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bubbles, Bubbles, and more Bubbles

Tonight, while getting dinner ready, I taught Katelyn how to blow a bubble with her gum. She has tried before, but she finally got it tonight!! Way to blow Katelyn! How fun and exciting...

Holding her bubble...her idea, not mine! :)

another bubble...

She's a PRO now!!