Saturday, February 28, 2009

Brittaney's Hipstreet Showchoir Showcase

Brittaney had her Show Choir Showcase Thursday night They have competition the next 3 weekends. The videos are too big to upload on here so I just have to post a few pictures. I'll let Rich figure that one out for me..haha! They pictures aren't the best, but you get to see her. She did a fabulous job!! She LOVES being in Show Choir! This is a Junior/Senior Choir, but she auditioned and got in as a Sophomore. Also, the front rows are "reserved" for the Seniors, so she was ecstatic that the choreographer put her in front.

The girls were told to come up with a "white outfit" with accents of red. I was very proud that Brittaney chose to dress very modestly!

Friday, February 27, 2009

A friend sent this to me and I thought it was very powerful. As we go through these scary economic times and as we each go through our own individual trials, it is nice to be reminded to never give up or to lose hope. It is a wonderful reminder that we have a loving Heavenly Father who is mindful of the challenges we face. We need to remember and look to the reward that He has in store for us throughout eternity! May each of you feel of his absolute and perfect love no matter your situation or circumstances!

Keep Climbing Upward!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Valentine's Day- Family Style

Rich made me (& the kiddos) a beautiful, fantastic dinner for Valentine's day! He made herb-crusted lemon pepper chicken, spinach fettuccini, steamed vegetables with sauteed mushrooms, and a gorgeous salad. He also had sparkling grape juice. It was a beautiful, YUMMY dinner. He also brought me a beautiful bouquet of red roses and white lilies with a card too! :) I have the best husband ever.

Like Father, Like Daughter

Richard is always cleaning his computer screen (and any other screen he sees). So, the other day, I saw Tayler wiping the screen of this electronic Phase 10 game. I just had to laugh!! Oh the silly things our kids pick up on and mimic. Like daughter!!

Katelyn lost her FIRST tooth!!

Katelyn lost her first tooth last week. She pulled it herself and didn't even cry! She was very excited! The Tooth Fairy came and left $5.00!! The Tooth Fairy always leaves $5.00 for the first tooth.

Daddy/Daughter Chore

One evening, Rich was trying to be funny and said that he was going to vacuum. That is funny because he knows that vacuuming is my favorite chore. When Tayler heard him say that, she went running and got her vacuum. They vacuumed together...too cute!! She was so excited and they had fun!! :) By the way, Tayler loves hats....can you tell?

Friday, February 6, 2009

Photo Shoot - by Brittaney & Rachel

Here are some pictures of Brittaney and her best friend Rachel. They took these silly, crazy pictures one night when Rachel spent the night. She came over another day and Brittaney edited them and made them look even more fabulous! These girls really are crazy....and I LOVE it! I'm glad they know how to be silly and have fun together! :)
Enjoy the pictures...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tayler & nursery snacks...

Tayler got to go to nursery 2 weeks ago. She really isn't old enough to go until March 11, but we needed help. I am the primary chorister and Rich had to teach Elder's quorum, and my dad was home sick. Thankfully, my mom is the nursery leader. I asked her if I could bring Tayler in during the 3rd hour and , of course, she said yes. I took her in and then did singing time with the nursery kids. After I left is when the funny story happened.
Here goes (according to my mom):
It was snack time. The kids were called over to the table where they have a paper towel in front of them. Tayler grabbed the paper towel and wadded it up and started "cleaning" the table...(that's my girl!)! Then, she saw Vicki (the other nursery person) start to put goldfish on the other kid's paper towels and so she quickly sat down and started smoothing out her wadded up paper towel so she could get some goldfish too. My child is no dummy.....haha! She LOVES to eat! Then, they gave them a little dixie cup with some water in it and she proceeded to "drink" it by pouring it over her head. (I think we need to work on the open cup and drinking process before March...haha!) She is just a funny little girl and very smart....she catches on very quickly!! :) Thanks Mom for taking her in nursery that day! You were a lifesaver!! :)

Who can resist that smile? ...not me!

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow...

Last week, we got over a foot of snow here! The kids got to stay home from school for two days! They had a lot of fun playing in the snow and drinking hot chocolate when they were done. Brittaney, Christopher, & Josh (our next door neighbor) went around the neighborhood and shoveled peoples driveways and made some money. They did some driveways just to help people out too (without any pay)! What nice kids! Here are some of the pictures....enjoy!