Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Richard!!

Happy Birthday Richard!!

Today is a special day...37 years ago my life began! Yes, I know I am only 35, but the love of my life was born 37 years ago today, thus...my life began!

The world was changed February 23, 1973!

There are so many cute, funny, crazy stories that I have heard about my hubby growing up. My fab SIL Nicki did a beautiful post about him for his birthday with funny stories. Thanks Nicki!!

Rich and I met May 27, 1991 (that was the day my world changed)! We were engaged by July 26, 1991 and were married June 12, 1992 (4 days after I graduated from high school)! I look at Brittaney now and we have already told her that we will kill her if she even thinks about it (well,we would at least lock her in her room forever)! As crazy as everything was, marrying this incredible man was the best decision I ever made! We have been married for 17 years 8 months and 1 week today!! It has been one incredible journey! This man is my BEST friend!

Why I LOVE Rich...
(these are just a FEW of the reasons)

Let's just put this out there...He is HOT!!
(We've been married this long and he still makes my heart skip a beat!)

He loves our Heavenly Father and our Savior, Jesus Christ!

Because of how he loves me...only he and I know this!

He made me a mommy!

He is an amazing husband and father!

He loves each of our amazing kids!

He is not afraid to hug and kiss our kids!

He loves his mom and dad!

He loves his brothers and sisters!

Because of how he looks at me...he melts my heart!

He watches "chick flicks" with me!

He LOVES the Steelers!

He sacrifices so much for our family!

He made a commitment and graduated from college!

He still holds my hand!

He works so hard to provide for our "little" family!

He laughs so hard that he cries!

He rubs my back EVERY night in bed!

His handsome face is the last I see before going to sleep!

His handsome face is the first I see in the morning!

He is an awesome cook!

He lights up when he sees his kids!

He helps me around the house...SO SEXY!!

He still "dates" me!

He would do anything for anyone!

His beautiful eyes!

He has a tan line on his ring finger...makes my heart smile!

He would give his life for his family!

He loves my cooking!

He is awesome with electronics and technology!

His sense of humor!

He is so patient with me...trust me, I need it!

He forgives me daily!

He is so ticklish and hates to be tickled...but let's his kids do it anyway!

He honors his priesthood!

He likes being with his family!

He loves watching our kids in their activities!

He still loves me after all of these years despite all of my flaws and shortcomings!

He is my ETERNAL companion!!