Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Break...I think NOT!

I love spring! I love the beautiful flowers, the warmth of the sun, the smell of rain, baby animals, and especially spring break with my kids home!
HOWEVER...I am renaming spring break this year to:

There is NO break!

dentist appointment

dentist appointment (this child has no cavities and never has...yea!!)
Katelyn to the doctor. Diagnosis: strep throat :(
Rich has month-end


Cheri and Christopher to the foot doctor! (thanks Marci!)
Rich school.
Babysit 2 little boys all day.

Take Kehli for her bloodwork.
Christopher and Kehli (depending on her platelet level) dentist.

to the eye doctor.
Brittaney to the orthodontist for a consult.

I love spring break! I love having my kids home. I wish there weren't so many appointments this week, but at least they won't miss school for them. I am still babysitting full time this week as well! I wanted to take the kids to the children's museum and zoo this week, but that may have to wait for Saturday! We have a fabulous children's museum and zoo here in Indy! The good thing about waiting for Saturday is Rich can come with us too! :)
We are enjoying our spring break so far. We are having fun, being silly, and playing hard ( in between appts., of course)! I hope everyone else has a great spring break this year too!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kehli Update

Here is our monkey! I have had a lot of questions about how Kehli is doing so I thought I would give an update on here. I have also put a sidebar on here with her platelet level updates so you can check up on her there too. So, here's the story:
In January, I noticed Kehli had a "rash" all over her. A few days later I noticed she was covered in bruises too. She was also having severe migraines and horrible leg pain. I got on the internet (what did we do before the internet?) and found what her rash was. It was petechiae. I called the doctors office and told them what her symptoms were and they got her in right away that day. I was really nervous going to the doctor, but I wound up feeling worse when I left. The doctor was very worried. They were testing Kehli for Leukemia. The doctor ran the tests STAT and so luckily we got the results in about 3 hours. It was NOT leukemia....YEA!! However, I have to confess that those were some of the longest 3 hours of my life....very scary! The bloodwork did show that her blood platelets were 86,000. The normal range is 155,000-400,000. So, they set up an appt. for Kehli with a Dr. down at Riley Hospital for Children with a hematologist/oncologist. We have had to have her blood tested 1-2 times a week since then. Her levels went down to 14,000 at one point.
For anyone who might be wondering, your platelets are what helps your blood clot. So, when your platelets are low you are at an increased risk of bleeding out. Under 20,000 is considered a medical emergency. She can't really do anything when she gets low because if she gets hurt, she can have internal bleeding that we don't see. According to the dr's if she's under 10,000 she is at a much greater risk of spontaneous internal bleeding....not a good thing! :)
Her platelets eventually started going back up and got back up into normal range. However, her last blood test showed her platelets were back down to 59,000. Her next test is tomorrow so we will see what that shows. Hopefully, she is going back up!
They diagnosed her with immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP). It is an auto-immune blood disorder. We are hoping it is just an accute case and not chronic. The only way they can diagnose it being a chronic case for sure is if she is still having problems after 6 months. I guess only time will tell. There isn't really anything they can do for her unless she actually has bleeding issues. Then the treatments are blood product and/or long-term steroids and they both have serious side affects. Kehli has been having serious bone pain in her legs, so the Dr. said if she needs blood product, they would most likely have to do a bone marrow biopsy first. I pray it never comes to that.
Kehli has been a trooper. She gets very tired when her platelets are down, but she is still our monkey! Thank you to everyone who put her name on the prayer rolls and who have offered prayers on her behalf! They are working, so please don't stop! I keep telling myself it could be so much worse....thankfully she doesn't have leukemia! I feel so blessed that we live here with wonderful hospitals and doctors. Riley is where Christopher was transferred when he was first diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and was so sick. It is a wonderful hospital. I'm thankful for the internet where I can have information at my fingertips in a matter of seconds. I'm thankful Kehli's teacher has been so kind about the time she has missed from school. She offered to come to our home and help Kehli with anything she missed! How many teachers do that? I'm thankful to know that Heavenly Father is watching over her and knows what is best! :)
One last thing...a funny story. When we took Kehli down to Riley hospital, we had to take her to the hematology, oncology unit. The sad part, was there were very sick kids there. Some were bald, some had a little hair, some were wearing masks and some looked like they were on death's doorstep. There was this litle 2 yr. old girl who played with little Tayler in the waiting area. She had very little hair and was wearing a mask. After we got back into the room with the dr., they ran some mre tests on Kehli and Tayler got restless so I walked around the hall with her. Down at the nurses station was this little girl and her dad. The nurses post butcher paper all along the fron of the desk and have buckets of crayons so the kids can color all over it. So, Tayler and this little girl were coloring. The next thing I know, Tayler is trying to color on this little girl's bald head. I took her hand and told her we don't color on our friends, only on paper. Then this little girl's dad said," That's a good idea....let's color on some hair for her." It was pretty funny and I appreciated the dad making the nice, funny comment! What strength these families have to endure those horrible illnesses and the courage and strength of those little kids....beyond words.
I hope that this helped to update everyone and answer questions.
Please continue to keep Kehli in your prayers! I will continue to update the sidebar with her test results. We love you all!

Mickelsen Family Visit

Rich's family came here to visit last week. Nicki and Addison came on Thursday, March 12, and then his parents came on Tuesday March 17. Unfortunately, they all left Saturday morning (March 21). Nicki, Oma, and Opa stayed up at Marci's (Rich's sister) house. Marci only lives about 10-15 minutes away so that is super nice! Addison stayed down here at our house. It was so good to see them. Brittaney and Christopher had a blast with Addison. They hung out, there was a trip to the mall and the movies, a day at the golf course, watching comediens on youtube (very funny), and of course, the Twilight party the night before they left. They all went to the party with Marci and Nicki and then spent the night at Marci's house. Kehli stayed home with Oma and Opa during the party. She was getting a little tired. How fun for her to have that alone time with Oma and Opa.
The girls did some shopping, the boys played golf, we spent time visiting, and we ate lots of yummy food! Nicki brought some fabulous recipes and made some incredibly yummy food for us. Rich made his yummy roast and also his lemon-herb chicken too! He is a fabulous cook! I felt bad because I had a really easy week with everyone else cooking all of the time! I had to babysit all week, so I wasn't able to do much with everyone unless they were down here visiting. We went up to Marci's one day with the little boy that I babysit. We all spent every evening together, though!
I really wish that they could have stayed longer, but I know they have to get back to their lives. I am so thankful that I married into such a wonderful family!! I love that they care so much about us that they sacrifice to come and visit us so often. When they are here, they are so helpful and they really play with and spend time with the kiddos. I hope they all know how much that means to me/us!! Thank you so much for coming!! We miss you so much already! I love them all so much and feel so blessed to be a part of this wonderful family!

Dad/Opa and Mom/Oma

Nicki and Addison

Because two people fell in love... 1+1=27

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


This is an amazing video that a friend shared with me! It had me in tears and made me feel so grateful and proud to be an American. We can't all serve in the military, but it made me think....what am I doing to help make this beautiful country of ours better? These men and women are willing to give their lives for my freedom....what am I willing to give?
I grew up in a military family. My father served in the Army for over 30 years and then retired. I couldn't be prouder of him. Thankfully, my father never had to actually fight in combat, but my father-in-law did serve in Vietnam. It makes me sick to think of the way that these soldiers were treated upon their return. I hope that we, as a country, have learned from past mistakes. These men and women that serve our country are nothing short of heroes to me (and I do not use that term lightly). They are literally willing to die for you and me! Would you be that willing? All they ask of us is our love and support...is that really too much to ask?
Through my father's example, I learned a sense of patriotism that is hard to put into words! I love this country. I love the freedoms that I am able to enjoy. I love the men and women who have fought and who continue to fight to protect my rights and freedoms.
I grew up in Germany and after I moved back here to the US, I had a big culture shock! One of the biggest shocks to me was this....in Germany before every movie that is played in a theater, the NATIONAL ANTHEM is played. Everyone stands up (out of respect), puts their hands over their heart or salutes the flag. It is so quiet you could hear a pin drop (other than the music). When I went to my first movie here in the US, I was so confused. The movie started with no National Anthem???? I couldn't understand why we did not do that here. What a beautiful experience that all of these people living in this country are missing out on. I still think about that EVERY time I go to a movie.
Whether you agree with the war or not, we should all support our troops! Be grateful to these soldiers and their families for the sacrifices they are making on our behalf. Don't forget the soldiers serving here at home either. They may not be on the front line, but they are willing.
I pray that each one of them can find peace through these difficult times and I pray for their safe return! Thank you to each and every member of our Armed Forces that has ever served this beautiful country! Thank you for defending my freedoms! You have my eternal gratitude!
p.s. Next time you see someone in military uniform, try taking a moment to go up to them and personally thank them!
Go ahead...I DARE YOU to try it!!